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“Business is simple – there are only two rules in business.
Rule #1: Always make more money than you spend.
Rule #2: Never forget Rule #1.”

Business finance seems complicated to many business owners. Chinmay Ananda has taught over 950 business owners how to follow simple business finance principles, empowering them to re-engineer their business from struggling to pay bills into thriving, profitable enterprises.

Chinmay teaches you the basics of business finance, relevant to your business situation. As you learn the commandments of business finance, the two common mistakes to avoid and other fundamentals of business finance, you will equip yourself to identify problems all corrected with a newfound confidence with numbers, business finance and accounting.

Chinmay can help you by strengthening your skills in:

  • Understanding balance sheets and profit and loss statements
  • Talking to your accountant on a level-playing field
  • Developing value based pricing model for your business
  • Bundling and packaging your products and services
  • Using financial tools effectively to improve cash flow, earn more profit and maximise financial performance
  • Building the value of your business
  • Making profitable financial decisions
  • Restructuring your business to avoid financial mismanagement
  • Teaching your employees and team members the basics of finance, so they can all share sound business finance knowledge

Instead of hiring external consultants to restructure, change and make decisions on your behalf, give yourself the skills to make financial decisions that help your bottom line with life-long business finance knowledge.

Chinmay will spend time with you and your team to teach you skills relevant to your business goals and situation.

Contact Chinmay today for a discovery session.

“Business is not just about turnover, it is all about what is left over.” - Anonymous