Think about it – is there a difference between business finance and business accounting?
Do you know what that difference is?
Knowing the difference can make all the difference when it comes to making profitable decisions.

A Referee Can’t Kick The Ball – Your Accountant Can’t Make You Profit

As part of the Finance Academy’s advanced program, Know More Numbers, medium to large businesses learn the critical difference between finance and accounting.

In football, you have your team; and you have a referee keeping everyone honest and playing by the rules.

In business, you have your company and you have an accountant, keeping your books in line. You pay an accountant to ensure your company is diligent in its record keeping and reporting.

A referee does not interfere with the game in progress – they can’t kick the ball on your behalf. So why are you expecting your accountant to make you profit?

Know More Numbers is a fully tailored course teaching you:

  • How to read your financial statements
  • Whether your business is making profit
  • What happens to your profits
  • How to properly evaluate risks
  • How you can empower your team by giving them guidance around numbers, finance and accounting
  • Skills to discover business ‘patterns’
  • How to make business simple.

Know More Numbers is the Finance Academy’s advanced program. Though covering more ground, Chinmay’s lessons are free of jargon, are enlightening and eye opening.

Chinmay sits down with you and analyses your financial reports. The results are relevant to your business and your business alone. You and Chinmay take a detailed look at your Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss statements and your other financial “scoreboards” showing you the health and vitality of your business.

Chinmay conducts all the one-on- one or team sessions, comprised of 4 x 3-4hr sessions and/or 8 x 3- 4hr sessions.

Chinmay can travel to you, wherever you are in Australia. Overseas? Join Chinmay in a private online video conference session. Learn at your own pace with a host of online materials including videos, webinars and books.

Contact Chinmay today for a discovery session.

“Business is not just about turnover, it is all about what is left over.” - Anonymous